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Event Technology - Activities

Touch - Table

We design Interactive Touch Tables to suit your space. Elevate your space to the next level with our cost effective Touch Table solutions


We introduced our rotoscope interactive that allowed users to laterally explore the individual components in a wall.

RFID Tangible Table

Create memorable experiences using Tangible Objects Objects with Multi Touch Tables Endless Possibilities: Experience Zones; Briefing Centers; Museums

Hand Tracking Apps

Engage into Hand tarcking games. Easy to setup and Fun to play.

Interactive Floors

An unusual and exciting product that combines all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers, fluffy clouds and visual auras into one single system. With the element of surprise, users become captivated with the interactive floor.

Interactive Wall

Interactive walls allow users to interact with digital computing in a far more natural way than ever before. These screens display images and videos that users can create a connection with via touch and motion.